No toxic compounds

No discoloration

Easy retreatment

General discription

RS+™ is a calcium silicate-based cement, a synthetic powder-like dental root sealer used in dentistry for endodontic treatment to permanently fill the root canal system. It is compositionally and chemically formulated to have physical properties, setting requirements and characteristics necessary for a clinically
effective dental root canal filling, as according to the ISO 6876:2012. It was designed to overcome the limitations of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA),
such as poor handling properties, long setting time and presence of toxic components, difficult retrieval from the treated area and post-treatment tooth

Hydroxyapatite layer formed after 14 days in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution.

Intended purpose

RS+™ is a root sealer intended to permanently fill the root canal system in endodontic therapy. It is intended for classical and the most widely spread
cold lateral condensation-obturation technique, as an apical plug prior to root canal filling with warm gutta-percha in case of the wide apex of non-vital
teeth, for repair of root perforations during root canal therapy or as a consequence of internal resorption, as a pulp capping material.